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Over the past few years training and qualifications have become increasingly important if you want to make your way in the world. Not everyone is able to gain a three or four year onsite degree though and because of this, online course programmes are becoming more and more popular.

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Find and compare Schools & Colleges both Master and Bachelor degree programs as well as Online or Campus PhD???s and Short Courses from top universities worldwide. Search for the right course from a database of over 8,000 learning programmers.
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Online or Campus learning allows you to get a high quality university education from anywhere in the world, but from the comfort of your home! Improve your education without compromising your job, your family commitments or your personal plans. Schools & Colleges Portal is the global education information portal on both Campus and Online education. Developed with leading universities, it helps you to find and compare Traditional School & Online education, both degree programs and courses from different colleges and schools of United States.

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A Smarter Way to Study

New Way To Learn On Mobile Platform
New Way To Learn On Mobile Platform
Uses of computers and new technologies have become a crucial part of E-learning. The new way of learning is evolved in mobile platform, where students can learn their lessons anytime anywhere, from their mobile devices. Mobile learning needs adaptive apps, self-directed learning through amazing digital channels and flipped classrooms.
Study More Effectively
Study More Effectively
How to study smart not hard? Firstly, set your goal. 2. Summarize. 3. Use flow charts and diagrams while you study. 4. Mind Set – When You Study Give 110% 5. Don???t try to memorise, Understand. 6. Keep the bigger picture in mind. 7. Research more 8. Organise your study method and keep improving that.
Start thinking Strategically
Start thinking Strategically
Critical thinking is the process of rationally analyzing and picking an effective solution of a problem accurately without relying on assumptions or guesses. For students, critical thinking is an important part of the research, learning processes and for their self growth.
Simple & Fun Videos in E-Learning
Simple & Fun Videos in E-Learning
Online learning offers difficult subjects to be explained with simple, bite-sized lessons. Plus, engaging examples and graphics to reinforce concepts. The entire topic fragment will be covered in short, 5-minute video lessons. Students can watch anytime, anywhere, even on mobile devices.

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