Help your students have a stress-free day at school

I do not have to prove to you that the systems of educating are stressful, that some classes might be hard or that some teachers are tough. The stress is comprehensible, but also damaging. Anxiety and other negative feelings meddle with learning, memorizing, and test taking. Thus, why schools do not offer more importance to help students manage it? Are you a parent who wants to give your children the best education, but you are afraid of the level of stress the school puts on them? Or, even more, are you afraid that stress will be a huge factor which will determine them to memorize without learning?

Schoolsandcolleges offers the support you need to find the most suitable school for your kids, especially because we know how important is to find pleasure in going to school or, even more, in studying. We are aware of the nowadays students’ problems and we recommend high-quality teachers who are able to work together with their students in order to avoid the feeling of anxiety. Furthermore, our purpose is to highlight the causes and solutions for a stress-free day at school taking into consideration few essential factors as teachers, knowledge and environment. Thus, remarkable teachers put a great effort to help their students in managing stress by creating an easy and clear way for their explanations, taking into consideration new teaching techniques and avoiding the traditional ones. Even like this, if they lower their principles, which is a damaging aspect for the students, the perception of school will not be improved.

There is a well-known way of avoiding anxiety and it is based on an efficient and effective way of learning. Its principles are shaped by few elements: the students, which are the learners, the teacher, the knowledge or the information they share and the environment. One of the most important aspects while learning is given by the last mentioned element, and owing to this fact there is the place where students connect with the content, information or resources, aptitudes and teachers, and through this environment students feel the atmosphere of school. So, a well-planned class offers a diversity of interactive selections for learners (teacher-to-learner, learner-to-learner, and student-to-knowledge), by mixing small group activities with individual ones and engaging collaboration and communication, in a way which allows students to make mistakes and learn the correct information.

Needless to say, students enjoy even complex courses! This is totally possible if they are well-organized and well-structured and if they offer complex ways of research. For example, students will be more receptive to the new information if it is structured interactively through Power Point presentations, movies or free discussions. Moreover, whether the process of learning involves teamwork or library research, the interest will increase, while the anxiety will disappear.

A fact that must be crucial for teachers is the way their students create connections with the material, with the environment and with the classmates, and also how these connections will evolve during the process of learning and how they become effective and beneficial for them.

The far a teacher goes from the traditional principle (which is based on the amount of time spent with the information), the more students become parts of the process of understanding the information on long-term avoiding anxiety. Thus, they are able to practice and improve what they learnt and owing to this fact they become more aware and confident of what they know.

All in all, schoolsandcolleges understands students’ needs and take action to provide the best school based on their preferences and aptitudes, guaranteeing skills improvements, high-quality courses and schooldays without stress. Get in touch today!